Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I will tell you, I have favorite countries around this world. If I could make a decision for a place to go, maybe I would say:
1. "Japan is the best!"
YES! Japan! This country always attract me with 'something'. They have a wonderful scenery, beautiful nature, the biggest industry, and what makes me LOVE Japan is its culture. Oh, I'm falling in love with their language, foods, robots, traditional clothes, traditional ceremony, even their actors. hohoho. I also like to read manga and watch anime. They're really amusing.
2. "I want to go to Great Britain/England"
I love british accent and british guy. They are sexy with that accent. Besides, I also love ancient building like castles, palaces, museums... When I see victorian buildings, seems like I was in a different time backwards... magical feeling come towards me. hahaha. This sounds like i'm highly imagining. But for sure, England will be my second country to go.
3. "Oh, I love traveling in West Europe!!!"
Why did I say 'west europe'? Oh, it's because all the countries I've been wanting to visit are in the west part of europe. Such as France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Spain. Gosh,,when will I be able to go there???? *sigh*
4. "I should go to Israel before die"
Is it too much?? hahaha. I think it's not. I'm a Christian. You will immediately know the reason I want to go there. Yap! Israel is a sacred place for Christians. A place where Jesus lived long time ago. I want to make a pilgrimage tourism to Israel. ^_^
5. "Korea may be a right choice"
Traveling to Korea is not my truly obsession. It's just like "THANKS GOD" if I could go there, but if I couldn't, it would be "OH,IT DOESN'T MATTER FOR ME" . Because Korea is similar to Japan, that I have no force about journey to Korea. LOL.
6. "The last place I want to visit is not a country, but a small island named Hawaii!!!" :D
aaahh.. I remember "LILO & STITCH" hahaha. Disney movie about hawaiian girl who became friends with alien. In the movie, Hawaii describe as a beautiful island. That's why, I'm willing to go there. The last place i really want to go. See other things and people, that would be nice. :))

I promise to myself that I will try to make all my dreams come true! Traveling around the world. :D AMEN