Friday, 29 October 2010

Kimi Ni Todoke - Tanizawa Tomofumi

Yasashii hidamari ni chaimu ga direi suru
Hoho wo naderu kaze ibuki wa fukakunatteku

Toomawari no namida namae tsuketa ashita
Kasanaru miraiiro no rain

Adokenai konna kimochi mo
Hajiketobu hodo waraiaeta hi mo
Taisetsu ni sodateteikeru youni
Togiretogire no toki wo koete
Takusan no hajimete wo kureta
Tsugatteyuke todoke

Houkago no yuuyami warau kimi no senaka
Hisokana sasayaki fureta koto no nai omoi no naka

Boku no naka no kimi to kimi no naka no boku de
Karamaru miraiiro no rain

Ameagari no machi no nioi to
Yumemitaina himitsu wo mune ni daite
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Nandomo nakisou ni natte mata warau
Kangaeru yori zutto hayaku
Sono mune ni tobikometara ii
Tsunagatteyuke todoke

Nani yori mo daijina kimi no mae de
Kizutsukanai youni daiji ni shiteta no wa sou jibun
Sono hitogoto ga moshimo sayonara no kawari ni natteshimattemo
Ari no mama subete

Adokenai konna kimochi mo
Hajiketobu hodo waraiaeta hi mo
Taisetsu ni sodateteikeru youni
Honno sukoshi otona ni natteku
Kimi ni naritai boku wo koete
Ima sugu kimi ni

english translate:

In that gentle spot warmed by the sun, the chime is delayed
The wind brushing my cheeks turns into my deep breath

Roundabout tears, the tomorrow we named
Are all overlapping future-colored lines

These childish feelings
The days we laughed together happily
I hope we come to treasure them
You surpassed this disconnected time
And gave me lots of firsts
I'll connect them to you, I'll reach you

The after school sunset, your back, as you're laughing
Secret whispers, inside these untouched feelings

The you inside of me, and the me inside of you
Are all interweaving future-colored lines

The smell of the town after the rain
And the dream-like secret I hold in my heart
So many times I've felt like crying, but then laughed instead
Rather than thinking about it, hurry up
It's fine if you just fly into my heart
To connect to you, to reach you

In front of you, cherished more than anyone is someone who cherishes you so that you won't get hurt, that's right, it's me
Even if your words somehow become "goodbye" instead
Everything will be as it is

These childish feelings
The days we laughed together happily
I hope we come to treasure them
I'll become just a little grown up
Surpassing the me that wants to be just like yo
To connect to you
Right now to reach you

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lately, i listen to this song. a song come from my favorite manga, Kimi Ni Todoke by Shiina Karuho.
this song has a deep meaning for me... hoho

i love what i love

music is one of the best thing that existed in this world and i love how music had affected my life.

i liked to play piano ever since i was a little girl.. i remembered first time i fell in love with classical music. it was a sunny day and i was about 8 years old.. mom took me to a concert in Jakarta Arts Building. i didn't exactly remember the songs they played, but since then i know i had interest in music deeper than before. i love classical music and wondering to become professional pianist. mom knew i have talent for music and let me had piano courses.

as time goes by,
15 years since that day and i still love music...
you know what, now i'm trying to play violin... mom said it's already too late to learn it.. oh, how sad! i'm not good at it but still want to try my best..
i want to be able to play piano, violin, harp, and cello! those are my favorite instruments!

.ugh,, to play this instrument is not easy as i thought.


for your good sake

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good morning, world!

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.
Marcus Aurelius

Thursday, 28 October 2010

songs i want to be played on my wedding

i am a dreamer, i know. and i have dreamed about things i want to be, i desire, i like..
oh, i'm not married yet but this time i want to tell about songs i want to be played on my wedding..
because i will get married someday, but now i just liked to dream it first..

it will be perfect to have:
1. All I Ask of You
2. For Always
3. You Changed My Life In a Moment
4. Till the End of The Road
5. I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You
6. From This Moment
7. I Swear
8. I Finally Found Someone
9. One In a Million
10. Endless Love *of course*
11. When You Tell Me That You Love Me
12. When I Fall In Love
13. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
14. I Could not Ask for More
15. We've Only Just Begun
16. When I Said I DO
17. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
18. For You I Will
19. Always
20. I Do
21. Someone Like You 22. Marry You - Super Junior

besides romantic, i love those songs! YAY! :D

quote of the day

We do not remember days; we remember moments. ~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand