Friday, 7 May 2010

Farewell Speech - High School Debut

.haruna & yoh.

.farewell speech-letter from Nagashima Haruna to Komiyama Yoh.

Farewell speech...
Time has passed by really quick
The day we first met seems like it was just yesterday
I met Yoh in the city, on a warm day
He kindly picked up my shoe for me
I felt... our eyes meet
I wonder where I put those shoes...
Yoh purposely come back just to pick up my shoe for me, didn't he?
When we met at school...
I think Yoh was just always naturally kind to me
I believe that fate brought the two of us together
When I met Yoh... my high school life started to change
At times, he was strict... and sometimes, he was gentle...
But he was always warm
He always guided me
The sports festival was so much fun
And the gym day was also very memorable
When I think back on it,
The first time I realized that I fell in love with Yoh was during the basketball game
While I was watching Yoh playing basketball,
I kept thinking "I LOVE YOH"
Thanks for the happiness and the sadness
and also,
Thanks for being by my side
even at the times I cried, when I was mad, and when I was at my wit's end
When I thought about it,
I realized that my memories of Yoh are everywhere - in my classroom, the city, and even at my house...
I think that my high school life was all about Yoh...
Thank you Yoh for giving me everything in every shape
I will treasure them all
Please take care of me from now on, too...

from comic I love the most... 'High School Debut'