Friday, 29 October 2010

i love what i love

music is one of the best thing that existed in this world and i love how music had affected my life.

i liked to play piano ever since i was a little girl.. i remembered first time i fell in love with classical music. it was a sunny day and i was about 8 years old.. mom took me to a concert in Jakarta Arts Building. i didn't exactly remember the songs they played, but since then i know i had interest in music deeper than before. i love classical music and wondering to become professional pianist. mom knew i have talent for music and let me had piano courses.

as time goes by,
15 years since that day and i still love music...
you know what, now i'm trying to play violin... mom said it's already too late to learn it.. oh, how sad! i'm not good at it but still want to try my best..
i want to be able to play piano, violin, harp, and cello! those are my favorite instruments!

.ugh,, to play this instrument is not easy as i thought.